Moral stress can be caused by acting in conflict with ones own conscience, e.g. when one knows the right thing to do but institutional constraints make it difficult to act in a way that is consistent with ones morals. The method used in this study is critical incident technique focusing ethical dilemmas in teaching.


By: Colnerud, Gunnel 1947-Material type: TextLanguage: Swedish Series: Linköping by studying ethical conflicts in teachers' everyday life in relation to students, Teacher ethics as well as teacher professionalism are found to concern two 

EXA4. Thesis. 15. Colnerud, Gunnel, 1947- (författare).

Colnerud ethical conflicts in teaching

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Colnerud (1997) proposes that the best way to explore the issues of professional ethics and teaching is by examining the ethical conflicts teachers face in their relationships with the individuals (colleagues, parents, and students) they interact with in their professional life. In this Swedish study, Colnerud used the critical incident Teacher education involves encountering ethical dilemmas con- nected to teaching. Student teachers’ ethical dilemmas sometimes occur when ideals clash with experiences. The current study focuses on the challenges experienced by student teachers In a previous study of teachers’ ethical conflicts (Colnerud, 1997), which was based on teachers’ reports of critical incidents, quite a lot of them concerned problems of being just to the pupils. Being accused of injustice or unfairness seems to be one of the worst things that could happen to teachers.

Colnerud’s (1997) 6 conditions of ethical conflict in teachers’ work. (1) Since teachers meet students in large groups (unlike other professions such as lawyers or doctors), they are in a position where the needs of many individuals raise questions of fairness and justice.

This descriptive study investigated ethical conflicts within teaching, examining Swedish teachers' writings about their personal ethical conflicts in teaching. The study uncovered an ambiguity about ethical practice, noting that teachers sometimes seemed ready to abandon the value of caring for children out of respect for other adults. Ethical conflicts in teaching.

4 Jun 2013 teaching (Colnerud, 1997; Pope, Green, Johnson, Mitchell, 2009), research has not been located that employs ethical theory to interpret conflict 

yrkesetiska konflikter i grundskolan. Stockholm: hlS förlag. colnerud, g. (1997). ethical conflicts in teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education,.

Nordic Studies in Education  Ethical dilemmas at work placements in teacher education. H Lindqvist, R Thornberg, G Colnerud.
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Colnerud ethical conflicts in teaching

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For example, when teacher is teaching in a classroom, the teacher will have to decide whether to focus on one needy pupil or on all pupils equally said by Colnerud (1997). If a teacher focuses on majority of students’ performance and continues with the lesson ignoring students whom are weak, they will be left behind and vice versa; this can cause ethical dilemma in teachers.
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Ethical dilemmas in teaching and nursing The literature refers to numerous ethical dilemmas in teaching (e.g., Colnerud, 1997; Campbell, 2000; Husu & Tirri, 2001). One of the most common is the tension between caring for others and following formal codes. This can occur, for instance,

This preview shows page 66 - 70 out of 85 pages. Psychology, 104 (4), 1189–1204. Colnerud, G. (2015) Moral stress in teaching practice. Teachers and Teaching, 21 (3), 346–360, doi: 10.1080/13540602.2014.953820.